V3 EFI Live Autocal

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With EFILive’s integrated AutoCal delivery platform you can supply your tunes to customers anywhere in the world. Integrate FlashScan with AutoCal, and you instantly have your own custom handheld tuning device to sell to your customers. More than just a ‘generic handheld’, AutoCal delivers EFILive’s renowned scan tool to the tuner’s customer, allowing for the collection and transmission of logged data back to the tuner for analysis. The tuner has the ability to update and optimize the original tune or send new tunes via email. Remote custom tuning has never been easier.

To be able to create tunes for your AutoCal devices, you must;

  • Link the AutoCal to your FlashScan V3, FlashScan V2 or FlashScan HD device; and
  • Use the "Save Tune files for AutoCal" when preparing tunes.
AutoCal V3 Specification
  • Large, easy to read color screen.
  • Built in 512MB micro SD Card.
  • Built-in audible alarms.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • Vehicle Input Voltage - Min 9V, Max 28V.
  • Battery backed real-time clock.
  • Appears as a Windows USB drive.
  • Built-in power supply prevents data corruption if external power supply is interrupted.


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