SDP S475 T6 Turbo

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This is the same turbo we use in our twin turbo kits but it includes our Billet compressor wheel. It spools up noticeably quicker and will flow more air across the RPM range.


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  • Is this a wastegated turbo? If not, would I have to get a power gated manifold?

    This is not wastegated.

  • Would you recommend putting a blow-off valve or a wastegate on this turbo? I will be using it in compound with the fleece 63mm Cheetah.

    Shouldn't need one, allot of guys get by just fine without.

  • Is this a drop in turbo for a 08 lmm duramax? If not, what turbo do suggest that is affordable, drop in and support 550-600hp.

    This is not a drop in, if your looking for a good drop in check out the 66mm 68mm or 72mm godspeed we carry on the website