PPE Heavy Duty DEEP Allison Transmission Pans

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Simply stated, more is better when it comes to transmissionfluid. The more fluid there is, the cooler the transmission runs, the cleanerthe fluid stays and the longer the transmission lasts. Thats why you need a PPEHeavy Duty DEEP Aluminum Transmission Pan for your Allison transmission. Butwait, theres more! Large 7/8-inch cooling fins outside and internal heat sinkfins reduce transmission operating temperatures up to 40 degrees. Cast fromA356-T6 aluminum alloy right here in the USA, the PPE Heavy Duty DEEP AluminumTransmission Pan features an internal filter lock for the supplied Allison deepfilter, drilled and threaded 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch NPT ports for optionaltemperature probes and a 1-inch port provides easy fluid drainage. A Neodymiummagnet-equipped SS drain plug, Allen head mounting bolts and filter all come withthe kit. 

- Internal and external cooling fins
- Increases fluid capacity by 4 quarts
- Decreases trans temperatures up to 40 degrees
- Robust side ribs provide added strength
- Pan is cast from A356-T6 aluminum alloy
- SS plugs, Allen head screws, and washers
- High strength Neodymium magnet equipped SS drain plug with re-usable Viton O-Ring
- Drilled and threaded 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch NPT ports for optional temperature probes
- Compatible with OEM gasket
- Large 1-inch drain port
- Easy bolt-on installation and removal makes service quick
- Built in Filter Lock keeps filter securely in place

Available for:

2001-2019 Allison 1000/2000/2400 Transmissions.

Recommended for all stock Allisons. Highly recommended withStage4 & Stage5 transmission kits.


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  • So will this pan not fit my 2015 Allison?

    Yes it will fit, I just checked.