01-04 Duramax LB7 Industrial Injection Replacement Heads

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The Industrial Injection LB7 Duramax Stock Remanufactured Heads are designed to be a factory replacement. Complete ready to bolt on.

Core fee of $500 will be invoiced to you after you order, refundable when old heads are retuned within 45 days.

Heads are first jet washed in a high pressure spray cabinet to remove oil and dirt, then glass beaded to remove carbon. Next they are checked by magnafluxing, (cast iron only) or pressure testing. They are visually inspected for defects that would make them unusable.

New High Strength Alloy, Heat Treated iron based valve guides are installed. These guides are heat treated to Rockwell 22 “C” Scale, which produces the ultimate in wear resistance. This is far superior to original guide material, including Bronze. The guide incorporates a spiral grove inside the guide to hold oil and aid the lubrication of the valve during engine operation. 

Guides are then honed (not reamed) to exact size using a diamond honing mandrel. Diamond abrasives allow for consistency of size, surface finish, and bore geometry with no variation from guide to guide. The guide size is then verified using a valve guide bore gauge. 

As needed the head receives new Premium valve seat inserts made from a true Nickel Based Non-Magnetic material that was developed for extreme operating conditions. 

Next the head is treated to a multi angle valve job to help maximize the flow of air in and out of the head. This is accomplished using a Serdi 100 guide and seat machine. Serdi uses a solid carbide straight shank pilot. When inserted into the valve guide, it simulates the real valve stem during the centering process. This guarantees the valve seat is finished for a perfect valve to seat match. 

Using CBN or Diamond tooling the head is given a new surface. With our berco milling machine we can control the surface finish to accommodate different head gasket types. For example MLS head gaskets require a very smooth surface finish.

Finally the head is jet washed dried and assembled with new valve seals and new valve springs.


  • Direct Replacement
  • Diamond Honed Guides
  • Unshrouded Valves
  • High Strength Alloy, Heat Treated iron based valve guides
  • Premium valve seat inserts made from a true Nickel Based Non-Magnetic material
  • Multi angle valve job
  • New valve springs

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  • Does these heads come complete with valve and everything? Ready to bolt on? Can you contact me at 1-575-404-0602

    Yes these are complete with valves and springs, they are ready to bolt on.