Heat Shield Products Tape 1100 Deg

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Thermaflect Tape reflects up to 90 percent of radiant heat away from wires, lines, cables and hoses, protecting them from ambient heat, and it withstands 1,100 degrees F continuous radiant heat (requires minimum of 1 inch airspace) and 500 degrees F of direct contact.

Thermaflect Tape insulates components without requiring disassembly for installation, or it can be used to hold other thermal-barrier products in place.

Thermaflect heat shield tape can also be used as a quick solution to radiant heat-damage problems — use it at a track to control a hot spot.

Durable cloth construction makes it last longer than similar products.

Thermaflect Tape is easy to cut and install, thanks to our high-temperature self-adhesive backing that sticks to any clean surface. Thermaflect Tape is a heatshield product that is a must-have for your shop or racetrack toolbox.


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