08-10 Powerstroke 6.4 Gearbox Z DPF Delete Tuner

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Makes computer think the dpf filter is clean at all times, so it never goes into regen allowing you to delete dpf filter.
The DPF-R 4.0 for Ford 6.4L 2008-2010 trucks.
The DPF-R 4.0 is designed to be a fully reversible undetectable DPF delete for trucks equipped with DPF filters. This is the electronics only for use with a racing exhaust kit or DPF Delete Pipe.
Reprograms the ECU for trouble free EGR/CAT/DPF delete.
This tuner reads the stock ECU tuning and saves it onto the tuner so that you can go back to stock ECU tuning anytime. 
Voice Prompted menu system, and 2 button operation (Yes/No)
Reads and clears DTCs
Fully reversible
Easy Install
No Drilling
No Cutting
No Welding


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  • will this item delete the engine light from my truck if i the truck don't have egr and dpf? the truck is 2008 ford powerstroke 6.4L

    Yes sir it will

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