Exhaust Heat Shield Cobra Skin 1350 Deg High Temp Wrap

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Looking for the best Exhaust wrap out there! Look no further, this is rated at 1350 deg continuous, and 2000 deg Intermittent! Proudly made in the USA!


Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap uses the same HPTC coating as our Premium Exhaust Wrap, and features a special weave that makes it easier to wrap around bends in pipes and creates a carbon-fiber appearance after it has been installed.

Our HPTC coating allows Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap to sustain 1,350 degrees F continuously. This thermal wrap for your exhaust system will increase temperature parameters, and remain flexible and strong. For most header wraps, the fiberglass will become weak and brittle at 1,000 degrees F, and typical coatings will extend the base temp to 1,200 degrees F, but the fibers will still become brittle. With our HPTC coating, the Cobra Skin has a higher rated continuous temperature of 1,350 degrees F, and the fibers remain flexible, so the wrap will expand and contract with the metal of the exhaust system. This ensures longterm maximum heat retention and increased wrap life.

The HPTC coating also gives Heatshield Products wraps increased abrasion-resistance even at 1,350 degrees F, and results in less fraying.



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