Edge Evolution CS Diesel Tuner

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For those who already know the Edge product line, there really isn't anything to say. You know about Edges quality, reputation, and huge power gains. The decision for you is simple. But for those of you who are new to the world of aftermarket tuning, you just need to know that Edge is the tuner to have. Simply put, the Edge Evolution CS (Color Screen) is the tuner most people wished they had.

When people think of the Edge Product line, they think of earth-shaking power gains. But there is so much more to the Edge Evolution than just brute strength. Like other hand held tuners on the market, the Edge Evolution plugs into the vehicles OBD2 port in order to re-program the vehicles PCM (Power Control Module), or better known as your vehicles computer. This new programming improves just about every characteristic of your vehicle including Horsepower, Torque, and shifting to name a few.

But unlike other tuners that are ultimately unplugged and put back in the box, the Edge Evolution CS's job isn't done. Working as a gauge cluster, the Edge Evolution CS's color screen is mounted in the cabin using the included mounting device, and can display up to 8 vehicle parameters at a time. So if you are one of those who only look at the gas gauge, then maybe this isn't the tuner for you. But if you like making big power while watching every vital sign coming from your vehicle, then there is no better tuner on the market.

The Edge Evolution CS offers at least 4 tuning options for diesel vehicles, including everything from fuel increasing mileage tunes, to heart pumping performance tunes. The 2.4 inch Touch Screen also works as a gauge cluster, reading up to 8 parameters at a time, including RPM's, Fluid Temps, and even EGT's with the addition an Edge EGT Sensor. There is even an expandable Edge EGT Sensor available for those who are interested in installing even more monitoring.


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