04-05 Duramax LLY 10 Blade Turbine Wheel Shaft

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10 Blade Turbine Wheel & Shaft. Measures 72.5mm x 66.5 mm.

  • More top end flow without compromising spool time.
  • This turbine will whistle loudly.

Fits: 2004.5-2005 LLY 6.6l Duramax Turbochargers & 6.0l Powerstoke Turbochargers*
*6.0l's: Please be sure you have the large turbine (72.5mm x 66.5 mm) which is typically found in 2003 & 2004 6.0l turbos

Will fit LBZ turbos with custom turbine housing machining, or the use of our LLY turbine housing.


Cannot ship to California 


Ask a Question
  • will this wheel fit a 2015 lml turbo with out modification to housing?

    No it will not

  • If I purchased a 68mm kit for my turbo would I be able to use this turbine on that setup?

    Yes, I only have one Candy Red 68mm kit in stock right now, It is with the 10 Blade Turbine inclueded. Not sure when I will be getting more kits in due to the covid stuff going around... Here is a link to the kit I have in stock:

  • Does this come balanced or not balanced?

    Yes it is Balanced.

  • What are the advantages of running this turbine? I already have a billet batmo wheel and plan on running twins after a while. Making 550hp right now.

    Its less restrictive than the factory turbine and will allow you to run more boost, its good for a compound setup also.

  • This is a hot side /exhaust side wheel correct?

    Yes this is the exhaust side

  • Do you have to take the whole turbo apart or can you just take the front cover and turbo wheel off and just pull the turbine out the back and transfer the bearings and put it back together?

    You could remove the center section and leave the exhaust housing bolted in, but most guys remove turbo to do the job. Good time to allow upgrade to a batmo wheel. 

  • So this works with the stock LLY Duramax turbo correct?

    Yes, it is a direct replacement. No modifications needed.

  • So this will work on an LBZ and LMM, But the housing has to be machined in order for it to work? Just confirming before I order

    Yes that is correct