Dodge Digital CSP

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2 1/16" Digital CSP Switch


  • Instantly change to any tune with one button press
  • Lock in any tune till the password is entered
  • Always be on your chosen tune when you turn the key on. No more cold morning starts on the wrong tune!
  • May be configured to start with a password required so strangers can’t easily change tunes
  • May be logically removed from the CAN bus for testing.
  • May be used as a tune indicator for testing other switches.
  • Effectively prevents other devices from changing the tune. Not really, but it will generally change it back where it belongs within 1/20 of a second.
  • The current tune will be shown with , , , , or . The displays shows the tune reported by the ECM so if it doesn’t yet know the tune, it will show a.
  • The switch will not allow any other device to successfully change the tune. Well, more correctly, if it sees the tune has been changed, it will immediately change it back.


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