07-18 Cummins 6.7 to 6.4 Convertion Carrillo Hybrid Piston & Connecting Rod

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CP-Carillo High Performance Pistons

Pistons are the backbone of any true hardcore racing engine and that’s where CP-Carrillo excels. Their Engineering department started off analyzing the competition, gathering industry data and deciding to make the highest level of pistons, period. The heart and soul of their pistons are built through their Engineering Department and its resources. This department is made up of several factors that push them ahead of the competition; Reverse Engineering, Design Experience and Flexibility, Analysis and R&D. As in racing, it takes a lot to be number one; CP-Carrillo has it all and are number one in piston design, enabling their customers to come in first on race day.

CP-Carrillo Connecting Rods

Each connecting rod is manufactured from an oversized forging, enabling proper grain flow and removal of any surface inclusions or conversions that usually accompanies the forging process. Each lot of forgings is independently inspected and certified. To go along with this, Carrillo has engineered a proprietary material (Carrilloloy) that contains specific amounts of chrome, nickel, moly and vanadium offering an optimum balance of strength and ductility without compromise. By insuring proper grain flow with their proprietary material, the strength and durability of each Carrillo rod becomes more consistent and reliable from the first point of manufacturing all the way to the extreme uses in the racing world. Every Carrillo rod is 100% machined allowing them to hold extreme tolerances over the entire process.


CP-Carrillo diesel connecting rods are fully machined from a proprietary 4330m alloy forging for strength and durability and are available with 2 types of bolts: The standard WMC-H7 (H11) bolt with a UTS of 220ksi and the upgraded CARR-S7 (MP35N) bolt with a UTS of 285ksi. The CARR upgraded bolt is a good choice if planning on revving the engine higher than 6000rpm. All bolts are manufactured with Asymmetrical threads, each thread has a slightly different design than the previous giving the bolts an evenly distributed thread engagement. This helps increasing the clamp load and fatigue life of the fastener. Includes Mahle steel bushing for added durability and optional Cap Relief is available to aid in oil evacuation for those that run higher loads and RPM’s lock up bearings.

Cummins Hybrid Piston/Rods

After years of research and development, working closely with renowned engine builders, CP-Carrillo light weight Diesel Hybrid kits are now available for both Cummins and Duramax application. Both kits allow for a longer rod without the use of a deck plate, improving rod to stroke ratio. Each kit allows for an amazing reduction in reciprocating weight over the factory piston and rod assembly.

CP-Carrillo Hybrid Piston and Connecting Rod Kit for the 6.4L Cummins consist of longer connecting rods that are 8.415″ overall length and are designed to work with our DH710x piston’s with a Duramax Pin. This combo is approx. 2lbs lighter per cylinder than the stock components (that’s 12lbs savings off the rotating assembly). CP-Carrillo has performed many hours of durability testing with these combinations; in addition their in-the-field testers have thousands of miles on their engine combinations and with no adverse effects. These are made for the guy who wants 1,200-1,500 horsepower but still wants to have a street truck.

6.4L Displacement

A more recent development by diesel performance enthusiasts, the 6.4L displacement cummins is created by the combination of a 5.9L cummins crank in a 6.7L block. With longer connecting rods to compensate, this creates a displacement of 6.4L. This unique combination offers distinct advantages over both the standard 5.9L and 6.7L motors. Because it is essentially a “destroked” 6.7L, the 6.4L combo is capable of higher rpm which results in a higher hp/lower tq figures, which is especially appealing to racers who want to somewhat do away with the parts-shattering low end torque of the 6.7L engine. Accompanying this, the 6.4L has a larger displacement than the 5.9L, making it easier to spool larger turbo(s) to produce more power. In a nutshell, the 6.4L combination is the best of both worlds for the diesel drag racing crowd looking to make monster power in their trucks. Because of it’s increasing popularity, CP-Carillo has thrown their hat into the game by offering 6.4L kits for the cummins trucks with connecting rods that are the correct length and matching pistons of varying bore sizes. These 6.4L kits make it easier on the engine builder to assemble the combination and CP-Carrillo’s legendary piston(s) and connecting rod(s) are sure to withstand whatever you can throw at them.


DH710xPRKH/S-64 Specifications:

  • Bore Size: 4.125″/4.215″/4.233″
  • CR: 16:1
  • Pin Size: 1.358″
  • Rod Length: 8.415″
  • Set of six(6) Rods and six(6) Pistons

CP-Carrillo Hybrid Piston/Rod Kit Features:

  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Lightweight Design
  • Provides efficient performance
  • Ensures long lasting service life
  • Tested to ensure that it meets stringent standards
  • Proudly made in the USA


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