98-18 Cummins 24v Hamilton Towing 178/208 Camshaft Combo

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What’s included:

  • 178/208 Camshaft (fits 89-2018 Cummins)
  • Heavy duty pushrods (500-750 hp)
  • 103 Valve Springs
  • Lifters/tappets


  • RPM Range: Idle-3000
  • Drops EGT 200-300
  • Better fuel economy 2-3 MPG+
  • Increased bottom end power
  • Quicker spool up
  • Duration at .050″ of lift  178 Intake, 208 Exhaust

Addition Information:

  • Due to its short duration and wide lobe separation angle, it also has the least overlap (when intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time) of any of our cams to kill in cylinder EGR on engines that have higher drive pressure than boost pressure.
  • If you live at high altitudes, tow heavy or are looking for the best efficiency possible for highway driving, this cam will help you considerably


  • On a truck with a 62mm turbo and 80hp injectors, this cam picked up 40hp at 1700rpm due to the fact that it moves so much air at lower rpms and helps the turbo spool much sooner.
  • Applications:

    • Used in daily drivers
    • Towing
    • Large or small singles
    • Meant for increased all around efficiency



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