96-02 Ram 47RE Suncoast Diesel HD Custom Valve Body

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TheValve Body

The valve body controls gear selection, line pressure (clamping force), line rise (meeting torque demand), converter mode, flow and pressure, along with shift timing and quality. SunCoast valve bodies address all of these areas to enhance transmission operation and durability. 

The SunCoast valve bodies allow for crisper shifts, enhanced converter operation, cooler operating temperatures, and increased lube flow. Full time converter feed assures lube flow while in the park position and under high throttle conditions. 

Torque converter clutch lockup can be achieved in all forward gears when used in conjunction with a controller. This feature is desirable for optimum exhaust brake operation. SunCoast offers a choice of valve body calibrations to fit any application.

All SunCoast Valve bodies are dyno tested for pinpoint accuracy before shipment.

The HD Valve Body

The HD line of valve bodies are specifically designed and engineered to with the enthusiasts at heart.

The Valve body is like the brain of the transmission. Here at SunCoast we take a very scientific approach to how we calibrate these units. The factory valve body on the Torqueflite transmission leaves a lot to be desired. This issue becomes even more apparent when we start seeing aftermarket power modifications done to the cummins engine. 

The SunCoast 47RE HD valve body comes with an upgraded manual valve. The upgraded manual valve allows for full cooler flow while the vehicle is in the park position.  

The Manual valve is then further improved with our custom detent plug and spring. The new SunCoast detent plug and spring restores the manual valve to correct alignment within the bore. The new process corrects any potential side loading within the bore.

The Throttle valve is then replaced with a new custom SunCoast piece. This new throttle valve (TV Valve) is designed here in house and longer than the factory one.

Include a note at checkout if you are using this for: Towing/ Hauling, or for: Strip/ Street

Allowing a longer valve within the bore eliminates the sticking that the units are prone to doing.

Another SunCoast exclusive is our recalibration and modification to the torque converter clutch circuit. With this new SunCoast 47RE valve body you now have the ability to lockup your torque converter in any gear. This new modified circuit also allows lock-up during downshifts no longer cycling the torque converter clutch solenoid. So full throttle downshifts keeping the converter locked up are now available. As a result lockup will be much crisper and feel much more precise.

SunCoast has added a new recalibrated triple wrap accumulator spring to not only improve line rise pressure but to also ensure the new spring doesn't lose resilience and tension. This is seen over and over again in this unit contributing to premature failure in other components.

This valve body also has a custom PR spring allowing this this valve body the identical pressure rise curve as the coveted 48RE pressure curve. This improved pressure curve will allow for much cleaner and crisper shifts, leading to longer life of your transmission components. The SunCoast 47RE HD custom valve body will provide your transmission with 190 PSI with the torque converter locked in all forward gears, however can be ordered with higher if desired.

Electronics for this valve body are sold separately. 

The valve body is like the brain of the transmission. It is the single most important item in the transmission. Here at SunCoast, we take a very scientific approach to how we calibrate these units.


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