17-20 Duramax L5P RDS 64mm Turbo

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The RDS L5P 64MM is a great upgrade on the 2017-2020 trucks. Below are some of the futures of this unit:


6 blade compressor wheel; 10 blade LARGER turbine

100% factory drop in unit; will connect to all factory down pipe, coolant lines and oil lines

Retains factory engine braking

All new seals and bearings with updated 360* thrust bearing

Lower EGTs with better drive-ability 

Brand new units are built off of a brand new stock GM unit

These units are capable of being ran with emissions 100% intact


Our 64mm unit made 640hp and 1213tq. We feel this is a conservative number being our test truck was on 37in tall tires and running stock fueling. With larger injectors and a pump, this turbo will have no problems making over 700rwhp. Drive pressure maintained very close to stock at 1:1.4. One of our beta units had 25k miles put on it towing/daily driving/racing with zero issues.

We offer two options for purchasing: 

1. Purchasing our brand new unit; this will come with a brand new actuator and will have a $450 dollar core refundable core charge. You have 21 days to ship the core back for refund. If you don't plan on sending your core back please let us know when purchasing. 

2. Sending in your stock unit. We realize a lot of these trucks are still very low mileage and purchasing a new unit may not be cost effective. Turn around from the day we receive it into the building is 1-3 business days. YOU MUST CALL AHEAD FOR RGA NUMBER!! We will modify your stock unit and ship back out. You are responsible for properly boxing the turbo and shipping it to us. 



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