13-18 Cummins 6.7 ATS Diesel 5000 Compound Turbo Emissions Intact Kit

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Aurora Vortex 5000 Plus Kit, 2013+ Dodge 6.7L

The uniquely engineered Vortex manifold allows smooth charge air and exhaust transfer while being compact and ensuring simple installations. Capable of 750+ rear wheel horsepower! Retains factory exhaust brake. Allows use of factory emissions equipment on 2013-Up RAM pickups.

  • Lower EGT.
  • Increase in horsepower and torque.
  • Retain factory exhaust brake.
  • All hardware included.
  • Great for towing, racing and daily driving.
  • Works with emissions on.


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    • Will this work with a deleted 13+?

      Yes this would also work great on a deleted truck, they just advertise it to work with emmisions intact for guys wanting to go compound and still have emmisions intact, but fitment is the same on intact or deleted. Thanks