11-20 Powerstroke 6R140 SunCoast Transmission Full Synthetic Fluid

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Sun Coast Synthetic Type-D Transmission Fluid (1 Gallon)


The Sun Coast SC-TYPE-DATF Synthetic Type-D Transmission Fluid is the preferred transmission fluid for Sun Coast Transmissions. Throughout the years, SunCoast has put enormous effort into the research and development of failure prevention in some of the most extreme environments that exist today. These environments are not limited to hot shot driving, sled pulling, drag racing, and the Texas Mile. 


For their own success and growth, it has been imperative that oil analysis be a measuring stick for improvements. Sun Coast can use this to determine the amount of degradation that transpires during a drive cycle. This is key when they are determining what friction coefficients work best in a particular application. This process has evolved with both the friction material and fluid types.


As technology has evolved, so has transmission fluid. At SunCoast, they have been on the leading edge of this development. They have seen the evolution from the original Dexron that was introduced back in the late 60's, that utilized sperm whale oil as a friction modifier; to the early 70's when Jojoba oil was introduced, along with corrosion inhibitors, making it hygroscopic. Fast forward to today and the evolution continues.


SunCoast has known for quite some time that they have more success with certain fluids than others. There is a science to the madness, and it's  was their best interest to ensure it was understood. In 2006, when General Motors released Dexron VI it set a new standard within the industry. Through their independent testing, they were able to verify that this was an improvement over anything they had seen to date. This is when SunCoast made the decision that this was an area they should definitely become more familiar with, knowing this is how they are protecting their units. Since 2006, SunCoast has spent countless hours reviewing data from oil samples that have been sent in for testing, in an attempt to figure out what works best for many environments.


Today, Sun Coast is proud to present you with the fruits of their culmination of analysis and research, Suncoast Type-D Full Synthetic transmission fluid. This full synthetic transmission fluid contains all of the prescribed combination additives that improve the lubricating qualities for your high stress transmission. The specialized additives include anti-wear, rust and corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants, and surfactants (surfactants protect and clean metal surfaces). In addition, they have also added very specific viscosity modifiers, seal and swell additives, and anti-foam additives. This fluid has yielded them the best test results to date and offers uncompromised performance. They are also proud of the fact that this fluid is full synthetic, not a blended fluid as so many others have attempted to pass off. The SunCoast Type-D Full Synthetic transmission fluid also has a slightly lower viscosity at lower temperatures than the competitors fluid, decreasing parasitic drag during normal driving conditions. This, of course, requires the use of higher-quality, more sheer stable base oil compounds when manufacturing. Rest assured, with this new full synthetic fluid you are getting the absolute best protection on the market today.


  • Outstanding low temperature performance and sheer resistance
  • Dramatic improvements in thermal stability during endurance environments
  • Optimized frictional properties that can provide smoother shifting during low temperature operation, reducing shudder and vibration
  • Outstanding resistance against sludge and deposit formation
  • Improved anti-wear protection, which directly contributes to extended transmission life
  • Unsurpassed low temperature stability
  • Resists foaming and thereby promotes outstanding operation
  • Sold as a 1-gallon bottle 



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