11-16 Duramax LML Emissions Intact TS Performance Package

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Looking to add some power and better drivability to your LML?  You can keep your emissions intact with this package and get great results! 

Simple bolt on parts that you can install with basic hand tools in your driveway!

Comes with everything needed to install!

This package comes with:

TS Performance MP-8 Pro Module: The MP8 Pro Module for your LML Duramax is a completely plug and play performance chip capable of delivering an additional 100 rear wheel horsepower without any additional modifications.

 The MP8 installs by simply connecting to your factory wiring harness, meaning no splicing, drilling, or cutting for a quick install. 

This also means that the MP8 is simple to remove for any warranty repairs, as the module is undetectable once removed.  Further, the MP8 has even shown to create a more efficient burn of your existing fuel, causing less emissions system regeneration cycles, equating to greater fuel economy.


  • Up to 100 Horsepower and 200 Foot Pounds of Torque Gain
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Undetectable After Removal


Intake Bridge: Sinister Diesel 3" High Flow Intake Bridge kit, the stock bridge is a weak spot for flow on the lml, this 3" Bridge keeps a good flow right to the y bridge, better throttle response and increased power, looks great under the hood!


MBRP Filter Back 5" Aluminized Steel with 6" Polished Tip 

This deletes the factory muffler so you get increased flow and deeper sound!

Intake: HSP 4" Intake System, the stock intake system on lml is restrictive from the factory, the HSP system is 4" metal tube to give a great turbo whistle, and the air that the lml needs! Comes with S&B Air Filter

Turbo Mouthpiece: HSP 3.5" High Flow Mouthpiece, Outflows factory mouthpiece by far and gives a clean look under hood! Better throttle response and more turbo whistle, deletes resonator box (black plastic box that kills turbo whistle). Reroutes PCV so you do not get oil in your intercooler and turbo, helps prevent carbon build up. Direct bolt on replacement of stock mouthpiece.


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