11-16 Duramax LML HSP 3.5" High Flow Mouthpiece

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** 3-4 Week Build Time Normally**

New HSP Diesel 3.5" High Flow Turbo Horn Mouthpiece for 11-16 LML Duramax, 

With this Turbo Mouthpiece you will notice much more Turbo whistle compared to any plastic mouthpiece.

Will fit emissions intact or deleted.

Your choice of  powder coating. 

This high flow design deletes the resonator and reroutes the PCV, without the resonator and PCV holes in the mouthpiece it eliminates air turbulence within the mouthpiece for a faster smoother airflow channel getting you more air to the turbo!

Requires PCV reroute, you can do this easily by using a 3/4 hose, this will also benefit your truck by not getting oil build up in your intercooler.

This is a direct mouthpiece replacement, Fits stock or and aftermarket intake system.


Cannot ship to California 



Ask a Question
  • Why must the egr cooler be removed for this to fit? Are there any options for full emissions trucks? Thanks

    The larger size of the mouthpiece have issues with clearing the egr cooler. HSP told me that you will probably have some fitment issues with egr in tact

  • What size is the O.D of the tube that doesn't have the v-band?

    The side that the intake goes on is 4" OD

  • The description says it will fit emissions or deleted applications. But one of the questions says it may have fitment issues with the egr cooler. Any one know for sure if there's fitment issues? Thanks!

    This fits emissions intact

  • Sir / Ma'am, I am ordering the RPI intake system and selected Illusion Blue as the powder coat color. Is this candy blue a similar shade, or is it darker than illusion blue? Also, I noticed that you said there may be fitment issues with the HSP turbo inlet mouth peice with the factory EGR system still in tact. Does these fitment concerns cause rubbing or just difficulty aligning the turbo inlet clamp? If fitment is an issue and inlet is powder coated is the item still returnable?

    Yes the candy blue hsp uses is the illusion blueberry, it does fit with egr still in tact. If for some reason it did not fit yes you could return it.

  • How close is the candy blue to sinister blue? I have full sinister intake system and want to know before I order it in blue. If its not incredibly close Ill order gloss black

    It is a differnt blue, so it will not be a exact match.

  • Will this work with if I have a sinister intake bridge installed already ?

    Yes it will fit with Sinister intake Bridge.

  • Will this work with factory y bridge set up.

    Yes It will Fit Stock Y bridge.

  • So does the egr cooler have to be removed to fit the new mouthpiece? Or have people installed the new mouthpiece with the egr cooler still in the truck?

    Yes this fits with egr cooler still in truck.

  • I see how it connects to the turbo but how does it connect to air intake side

    The stock silicone boot that attachs your intake system to your oem mouthpiece is used.

  • Does this work with the 5” intake

    Yes it will