07-17 Duramax BD-Power Throttle Sensitivity Booster

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The BD-Power Throttle Sensitivity Booster for your 2007.5-2017 GM 6.6L Duramax is designed to boost throttle sensitivity and reduce that laggy pedal feeling for snapper in-town driving performance. By reducing pedal lag, we force your performance curve to occur sooner to achieve quicker turbocharger spooling. The Throttle Sensitivity Booster features an easy plug-and-play installation using factory connections and is adjustable to boost signals by 50% or 100%. 
Quicker Spool-Up
Reduces Pedal Lag
Quicker Acceleration
Improves Throttle Sensitivity


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  • Will this work on 2018 l5p

    Yes they list it to work on 2018 l5p trucks, so you should be covered.