07-18 Ram Cummins 68RFE Suncoast Pro-Loc Ducenti 200 PSI Valve Body

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Core of $400 Required


  • Tuneless 200psi
  • Custom Billet Accumulator Pistons (5)
  • Upgraded Heavy Duty Accumulator Plate
  • New OE Solenoid Pack
  • Rebuilt, Custom-recalibrated Pump Half w/ TCC Limit Valve Correction
  • Upgraded Billet Valve Body Midplate

SunCoast is proud to release its new Pro-Loc Ducenti 200psi Shift Calibration Kit for the 68RFE. What we present to you today is not just a haphazardly put together solution but the cumulation of many years of refinement.

In this kit, we address several key issues within this hydraulic circuit using a multi-faceted approach. This kit includes everything you will need to achieve 200psi without any additional tuning and is designed to be a complete drop-in.

Features and benefits of this shift calibration kit include a new pump half, TCC limit valve, TCC switch valve, five billet three-ring accumulator pistons, billet upgraded valve body plate, an upgraded heavy duty accumulator plate, and custom-calibrated spring rates for PR circuit.

Note: Only fits years 2007.5-2018.


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