07-13 Sierra Oracle Pre-assembled Headlights

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The GMC Sierra has been one of the premier American made trucks on the road over the past decade, and owners of this truck from 2007-2013 will be fans of this vehicle's top of the line performance and innovative styling to set itself apart from the crowd on the road. If you have owned this truck for a while, chances are you may be looking to make a high quality upgrade for both function and aesthetics. If you are wanting to put your own personal touch on your GMC Sierra and full customize the front end, there is no better way to do so than with a set of pre-assembled headlights from Oracle Lighting Technology.

When you order a pre-assembled headlight by Oracle Lighting Technology, you can know each headlight is assembled by their staff of highly trained technicians, ensuring quality and giving you the ability to install them into your vehicle the moment you receive them. By purchasing these headlights already assembled, you will be able to save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on assembly and installation through some other car shop.

These square headlights for your GMC Sierra are one of the most unique products of their kind on the market today, while being one of the most versatile as well. Available in seven outstanding color options, this product allows you to fully customize your Sierra and really put your own personal style and touch on the front end. You even have the option of the patented ColorSHIFT feature, so you can really keep bystanders on their toes as you keep the light color fresh all the time.

In addition to the unique square headlight option, you can also take your GMC Sierra customization to another level with the optional pre-assembled fog lights from Oracle Lighting Technology. These fog lights come in a round option, making them a nice contrast from the square headlights on this vehicle. Available in 28 outstanding color options for you to choose from, including the ColorSHIFT option as well, these fog lights make for one of the most versatile products of their kind on the market today, as you have a wide array of choices to either match your truck perfectly, or put a fun contrasting touch on it.

For the owner of the GMC Sierra looking to add a little personal touch to their ride, these headlight and fog light halos are a must have.


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