07-12 Cummins 6.7 Smarty J-67US Tuner

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07.5-12 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 Cummins 6.7
All Smarty Jr.'s now ship the REVO software and PoD (Power on Demand) pre-loaded. It has proven to offer the best combination of mileage and power available. 
This product is geared toward the customer who wants reliable and safe power for both the engine and the transmission combined with good fuel mileage. 
Key features:
40 / 70 / 100 hp power levels Ability to adjust timing and torque management to suit your needs 
Other features:
Cold weather 3 Cylinder High Idle is enabled in all softwares
USB port built in for simple updates from internet
Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text
CaTCHER software's inside
The rail pressure is Not Increased above the factory settings
SMARTY-JR is designed for both MPG increases and EGT reduction.
Smarty software updates are always free. As an added bonus, you can always send yours in and we can do it for you. Local guys can always bring their's in for the free update.  We will even help you program your truck! 
Attention: The Smarty J-67 will work on ALL 2007.5-2012 trucks even those with ECM bootloader software produced after the date 03-04-2009. 
AND....this is very important...unlike the Smarty Programmers for the 5.9L's MADS does not guarantee no detectability by your dealer.


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  • is this compatible with an egr and dpf delete kit?

    This tuner does not do deletes, it is emmisions intact.