04-05 Duramax LLY Finger Stick

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This is to do a egr delete or block off on LLY Duramax. 

This wires into the MAF sensor so that the computer gets the correct signel with the high flow intake elbow, or air flow changes by doing a egr block off.

Takes about 30 min to install. Comes with instructions. 

Race Disclaimer:
This is a Race Only product that is to be used solely for competition, it cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. Its use is limited to closed-course and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws. To complete the purchase of this item you must agree to this at checkout.


Ask a Question
  • Hello is their a way I can see the directions how to wire before purchasing ?

    Yes, I just added a photo on the listing to show how it connects.

  • Will this work for a full delete kit. I read some mix reviews on it just wanted to clear somethings up before I buy anything for my lly

    Yes this will allow egr delete without getting codes