04-05 Duramax LLY Merchant Automotive Allison Maximum "Pro Series" Transmission Rebuild Kit

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Our signature line or MAximum Transmissions builds off the proven reliability of the Allison 1000 used in late 2004 to 2005 GM LB7 Duramax diesel trucks, but vastly improves the performance by incorporating several key upgrades that will unleash your Allisons true potential. 

The Pro Series improves the performance of your Duramax with even greater holding capacity with an additional clutch apply area, heavy duty friction material, and additional hydraulic pressure. If your engine is modified above stock, or aftermarket components (proper tuning and gearing required), then the Maximum Pro Series is for you.


For owners who are making more power, expect to make more power in the near future or plan to compete with their trucks the MAximum Pro Series transmission is the optimum choice.

The Pro Series builds upon the Work Series foundation with additional enhancements to further increase holding capability and durability.

Additional clutch apply area and heavy-duty friction material work together with even higher hydraulic pressure to handle high performance applications that stock transmissions can only dream of.

It also includes all new bushings, bearings, and seals along with a high-performance dyno tested MAximum Series valve body.

To further enhance the performance of the Pro Series MAximum Transmission the torque converter has been upgraded from the previous high-performance standard triple-disk billet torque converter to the pinnacle in diesel torque converter performance with a FIVE-DISK billet torque converter to channel the power from even highly modified Duramax diesel engines into the transmission without wavering.

"We don't play horsepower rating games with our MAximum Transmissions; we just build high-quality transmissions with high-quality parts that hold up to common abuse!" Exclaims Eric Merchant Automotive Founder. He continues, "We can build a MAximum Transmission to hold up to any performance level a customer needs, I run one in Ol' Blue, our 1,700 horsepower UCC competition truck and we can build one for you too!"


GM 2500HD and 3500 Duramax Silverado - Sierra 6.6L V8 Diesel Trucks




Late 2004, 2005


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