03-07 Cummins 5.9 Custom 5" RPI Stage 2 Intake

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This is our 5" Cold Air Intake system for 03-07 Cummins 5.9, this is the biggest system on the market! 

This system uses a huge 5 Inch T6 Aluminum intake tube for ultimate air flow!

You will have faster spool up, lower egt's, Noticeable Horsepower gain, some Mpg gain, and a turbo whistle that will make people look when your going through town!

Our system adds 35+ Horsepower!

Click here to view available powder coating colors.


This system is made for stock sensor calibration. Meaning this system works perfect with no check engine lights, no matter if your truck is stock, or highly modified

Has a bolt in heat shield that is very well sealed to keep underhood temps away from the Filter, it provides a fresh cold air supply straight to the filter for lower egt's and better performance. It is normal to see 150-250 deg drop in egt's with this system.

We use only the best filters on all our intake systems

These are Custom built to order,  so it takes 6-14 days to ship out, depending on how many orders we have that week.



Ask a Question
  • Which filter is the blue one shown in the pic? I like the candy blue but would want a blue filter to match. Is this intake better than the sinister diesel intake you offer? Do you have any coupon codes for the intakes for a 2012 Cummins?

    It is the amsoil filter. Yes it is better then the sinister as the sinister is only 4" and has no heat shield. I dont have any sale right at this time, but we do from time to time 

  • Any promo codes for 4th gen Dodge intakes

    We can do a free T shirt, but other than that we dont have any sales right now. Just include a note at checkout for free shirt and list the size you need. Thanks

  • Is this CARB compliant?

    No it is not

  • Is the S&B dry filter reusable/washable? Or does it have to be replaced every so often?

    The S&B dry filter is not cleanable

  • I'm really interested in you air intakes for my 05 but I dont want a loud turbo whistle.any options? Thank you.

    All our aluminum intakes will have more turbo whistle, i would recommend the banks intake or injen intake systems, they also flow real well. Anything with metal tube will have whistle 

  • What do you do with the air temperature sensor?

    It is mounted on the heat shield to get a reading of air temp entering air filter. No check engine lights.

  • What are the tourqe specs

    Depending on your truck and what mods are done, but you will be able to feel an increase 

  • Does the S&B Dry filter with pre filter have any kind of oil on it?

    No it is completely a dry filter and dry pre filter 

  • What’s the part number for a new Amsoil air filter?

    Its an Injen part number:  X-1022-BB
    Amsoil makes it for Injen.

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