03-07 Cummins 5.9 Industrial Injection CR Performance Builder Box

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Industrial Injection 5.9L Cummins Performance Builder Box

The Industrial Injection 5.9L Cummins Performance Builder Box was designed for the mechanic inside all of us. Save thousands in labor and assembly by having a complete unassembled machined and blue printed short block shipped to your door for you to assemble yourself. This kit will come with everything you need to assemble a short block. These kits include premium upgraded parts resulting in industry leading reliability out of the engine build. We use the highest quality parts and machining processes in every engine build, guaranteeing you the up most reliability and precision to have the longest running engine on the road.

– Machined Block Using Plateau Honer w/ Torque plate
– Machined to Blue Print Spec
– Machine Balanced Crankshaft
– Machine Balanced Rods w/ ARP Rod Bolts
– Machine Balanced Coated & Chamfered Pistons and Wristpins w/ Rings
– Stage 1 Performance Camshaft
– 12mm Gorilla Girdle w/ Custom ARP Main Studs

– Billet Freeze Plugs

– Coated H Series Main and Rod Bearings
– New Cam Bearings
– New Cummins Oil Cooler
– New Cummins Oil Pump
– New Cummins Tappets
– New Cummins Lower Engine Gasket Kit

*Does not come with any fuel or turbo components. This is an unassembled short block

*All Industrial Injection short blocks and long blocks are required to be ran with Joe Gibbs Break In Oil (not included) for the initial 300-500 miles.

Core Charge Breakdown:

1. Engine Block – $500

2. Crankshaft – $500

3. Connecting Rods – $125

4. Camshaft – $150

5. Builder Box Crate – $325

Total: $1,600


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