01-16 Duramax BMP CAT Fuel Filter Housing / 95GPH Lift Pump Kit

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The BMP Cat Fuel Filter Lift Pump is a high quality replacement for the problematic fuel filter housing on the 01-16 Duramax trucks. Never have to prime the Vacuum pump again and help lengthen the life of your injection pump and injectors by adding fuel pressure!


  • Direct Replacement No dropping the fuel tank or running rubber lines!
  • Easy Install
  • Quiet Pump
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Better filtration
  • Fixes Duramax No Start Issue Caused by factory housing
  • Flow through design
  • Does not use WIF (water in fuel sensor) by leaving the sensor unpluged it will NOT cause a WIF dash light.

Kit Includes

  • Heavy Duty Equipment 95GPH Fuel Pump
  • Filter Head
  • Cat Fuel Filter
  • JIC Fittings
  • Wire Harness


Ask a Question
  • If the pump fails will it fail open or cause a no run situation.

    It will draw through so it should still run if pump went bad.

  • How much power is this good for what is the difference between this 95gph and fass 100gph lift pump

    This could support up to 600 hp, The Fass or Airdog 100 is a rear frame mounted kit, this replaces the stock fuel filter and housing under the hood, this kit is much easier to install.

  • Can I run this with a fass fuel system or is it pretty pointless to get this if I have a fass fuel system already

    Yes I would use the Fuel filter housing delete we sell for $129 if you have the Fass system already

  • I know the factory ac Delco fuel filter filters down to 5 microns. I've read on various sites tht anything lower micron filtration than this is harder on the cp3 on my Lb7. So I've been afraid to swap to the cat filters for this reason, I think they filter down to 2 microns? Would this small pump help in this area? Also would this cat filter help wit water separation as does the factory ac Delco wit its water separator at the bottom?? Thanks for help

    Yes it helps keep fuel flow to CP3 with the 2 Micron, It does not have a water separator, but the water would just settle in the bottom of the filter.

  • I have a completely stock 2006 LBZ with it being completely stock would it hurt anything if I put this on it? I’m not trying to tune it in the future or anything but if it’s better for the truck I’d like to invest in it to help maintain a better vehicle. Also does this help with mpg at all?

    Yes it works well on stock trucks also, it helps keep the CP3 feed with fuel, you wouldnt see MPG gains with this.