01-10 Duramax BD Diesel Full Bore Driver Side HD Exhaust Manifold

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01-10 Duramax 

BD Diesel 1041460 Full Bore Exhaust Manifold will restore the balance to your engines exhaust flow, reduce cylinder load and reduce exhaust gas temperatures. The factory driver side exhaust manifold in your 01-10 Duramax is pinched down to allow for steering shaft clearance that isn't even required! As a result, your exhaust flow is significantly disrupted. The BD Diesel Full Bore Exhaust Manifold addresses this issue by maintaining internal bore size. Made from high-silicon ductile iron, the Full Bore is a direct, bolt-in replacement for the factory manifold and is even drilled and tapped to accept the most popular EGT probes.

Stock Exhaust Manifold: 
Only flows 80% of the passenger side manifold3 cylinders only operate at 80% capacity & load others downNo access to measure exhaust temperature
BD Diesel Exhaust Manfilold: 
Contaings Exhaust Temperature Probe Port
Maintains consistent exhaust pressure and temperature on both sides of the engine
Flow matches the passenger side manifold and balances the engines exhaust pressure.
 Manifold gaskets not included. 


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  • Will this manifold fit the passenger side as well?

    No I dont think so, I think the bolt pattern is only for driver side