01-04 Duramax LB7 5" RPI Diesel Stage 3 Intake For Stock MAF

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This system is made for Stock MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) calibration. This system does NOT Require Custom tuning to calibrate the MAF sensor.

This is our highest flowing full 5" Cold Air Intake system for 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax, this system is full aluminum tubing from filter to turbo, comes with HSP 3.5" turbo horn with MAF Sensor Mounting Pad, Stock MAF wire harness will reach new location just fine.

**Click here to view available powder coating colors.**

You will have faster spool up, lower egt's, Noticeable Horsepower gain, some Mpg gain, and a turbo whistle that will make people look when your going through town!

Has a bolt in heat shield that is vary well sealed to keep underhood temps away from the air filter, it provides a fresh cold air supply straight to the filter for lower egt's and better performance. It is normal to see 150-250 deg drop in egt's with this system.

These are Custom built to order, normally 14-21 days to ship out 

Has RPI Logo on top of heat shield lid, we can do Custom lids that say: LB7, 6.6, or other options.

 Cannot ship to California 


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  • Is this system cali legal? May be ok if not since I can always reinstall the stock setup for smog. Does this system have a maf sensor in the supplied horn? I am guessing the stock connector/wiring will reach?

    It's not registered for smog legal, the Maf is located on horn, stock harness will reach. You could leave horn on and just swap intake for smog.

  • where dose the mass airflow sensor go?

    This kit comes with a 3.5" horn and on the horn the maf sensor is mounted with this system, it does not require any modifications or adjustments, just bolt on and go.

  • Is there any performance difference between this one and the stage 2?

    Yes because the stage 3 comes with turbo horn, so its around 13hp gain more than stage 2