Duramax LB7 PPE Stage 5 Rebuild Kit

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The PPE 128035001 Stage 5 Transmission Kit with Converter for your 01-04 GM 6.6L Duramax is built to handle the high stresses of sled pulling and drag racing yet also works extremely well for towing and daily driver tasks. The PPE Stage5 Transmission Kit is one of the strongest transmission upgrade kits that PPE offers. Thanks to the Triple Clutch Converter, Valve Body Recalibration Kit (recalibration kit does not change shift points, only increases clutch holding power), Converter Flow Valve and upgraded C1, C2, C3 and C4 clutches and kolene steels, the Stage5 will hold over 1,200+ horsepower at the crank (1000+ rwhp) and 1,800+ ft. lbs. of torque.

$300 core will be invoiced to you after you order. 


  • Supports 1000+RWHP
  • Works For Daily Drivers & Racing


  • Triple Clutch Converter
  • Valve Body Recalibration Kit, converter flow valve, pump shim, and gaskets
  • C1 includes: 16 1-sided internal spline friction plates, 1 bottom apply plate, 1 top pressure plate
  • C2 includes: 7 friction plates, 7 steel separator plates, 1 bottom apply plate for increased rigidity
  • C3 includes: 6 friction plates, 7 steel plates, 1 bottom apply plate for increased rigidity
  • C4 includes: 6 friction plates, 5 steel separator plates, 1 modified apply piston, 1 top pressure plate


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