01-04 Duramax LB7 PPE Stage 4 Rebuild w Converter

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The PPE 128034201 Stage 4 Transmission Kit for your 01-04 GM 6.6L Duramax is designed as our entry level kit that’s perfect for drag racing, sled pulling, towing or even daily driven use. It will ensure that your Allison 1000 transmission can handle up to 850 hp at the crank (approx. 680 rwhp) and up to 1,500 ft. lbs. of torque without damage. This kit works extremely well for a stock truck but was engineered to handle a Duramax engine that has been equipped with multiple high performance modifications, such as performance chips, oversize injectors, and/or small nitrous kits. This kit includes PPE’s Valve Body Recalibration Kit (recalibration kit does not change shift points, only increases clutch holding power), Converter Flow Valve and upgraded High-Friction C1, C2, C3 and C4 clutches with Kolene steels.

$350 Core


  • Supports 850HP (Crank Rated)
  • Great For Daily Driving, Race & Towing 


  • C1 includes: 14 1-sided internal spline frictions,1 bottom apply plate
  • C2 includes: 8 friction plates, 8 steel separator plates, 1 bottom apply plate
  • C3 includes: 5 friction plates, 4 steel separator plates
  • C4 includes: 6 friction plates, 5 steel separator plates
  • Valve Body Recalibration Kit, boost valve, pump shim and gaskets


Ask a Question
  • In the heading it says with converter, but in the description it says nothing about the converter. So does it come with one? If so what converter is it?

    Yes it comes with the PPE 128010300 Triple Disc Torque Converter, it has: One-Piece Billet Cover, Heat-Treated 4140 Alloy Turbine, Heat-treated 4140 Alloy Impeller Hub, Standard Stall Speed, 5 Year warranty.

    The heavy-duty billet cover and three lock-up clutches give you unbeatable lock-up performance. The PPE Triple Clutch Torque Converter provides 130 square inches of clutch surface contact area, compared to just 49 in the stock unit (3X stronger).  PPE’s Billet Stator Torque Converter offer the best of the best in power holding capabilities. Designed for racers, who brake boost their vehicles on a regular basis. These torque converters have all the features of our Billet Triple Clutch Converters and also feature a stronger more durable billet stator. This billet stator allows for better power transfer to the rear wheels when the torque converter is unlocked.

    For those that sled pull or race this billet stator equipped torque converter is a must-have upgrade. Brake boosting at the starting line or sled pulling with the torque converter unlocked WILL damage a non-billet stator equipped torque converter.  Our “Race” series converter should be used in Racing/Pulling applications that require more “Stall” RPM than our standard converter. The increased stall is usually needed in applications where a larger turbo/turbos have been installed and more RPM is required to get the turbo on boost while on the brakes (brake boosting).

    Note: If a NON “Race” converter is used in applications that would require brake stalling for more than 5 seconds the stator will be damaged and will not be covered under our warranty. Stall speeds are approximate and will vary depending on vehicle set-up. Core charge applies, reimbursed upon return of good core components to PPE.