01-04 Duramax LB7 5" RPI Diesel Stage 1 Intake System

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This system is made for stock MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) calibration. Meaning this system works perfect with no check engine lights, no matter if your truck is stock, or highly modified. No EFI Live tuning Required.

This is our 5" Cold Air Intake system for 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax, this system uses a special reinforced silicone coupler that attachs the 5" aluminium intake tube to the turbo horn, this coupler has a provision for the mass air flow sensor so that is gets the correct air flow readings.

You will have faster spool up, lower egt's, Noticeable Horsepower gain, some Mpg gain, and a turbo whistle that will make people look when your going through town!

Has a bolt in heat shield that is vary well sealed to keep underhood temps away from the air filter, it provides a fresh cold air supply straight to the filter for lower egt's and better performance. It is normal to see 150-250 deg drop in egt's with this system.

We use the best filters on all our intake systems

These are Custom built to order,  so it takes 7-14 days to ship out, depending on how many orders we are working on building. 

Has RPI Logo on top of heat shield lid, we can do Custom lids that say: LB7, 6.6, or other options.


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