07.5-20 Cummins 6.7 PPE Transmission Pan 68RFE

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The PPE 228052020 68RFE Transmission Pan for your 2007.5-2020 Dodge 6.7L Cummins is an easy to install transmission upgrade. Built from high-quality cast aluminum and made in the USA, this pan follows the same designed as the other PPE pans with built-in cooling fins both internally and externally. These cooling fins, coupled with the aluminum construction, allow for reduced transmission oil temperatures. Cooler oil lubricates better which will help increase transmission service life.
This new pan comes with a 1-inch, Neodymium-equipped stainless steel drain plug to remove harmful ferrous metals from the oil, two NPT ports for temperature probes. Also utilizes the factory filter making future transmission service a cinch.
Notes On Testing From PPE: 
During product testing, we used a 2013 2500 Cummins powered Ram towing a 13,000 lb travel trailer. We then took the combo on an 900 mile loop through city traffic, steep hill climbs as well as wide open flat highway runs. Transmission temperatures never went over 200 degrees. After cresting the top of hills, transmission temperatures also dropped much quicker than they did with the factory-installed stamped steel pan. Unloaded temperatures were consistently 10 degrees or more below those measured with a factory pan.
  • Multiple Finishes Available 
  • 1/8" & 1/4" NPT Probe Access Ports 
  • Provides Additional Case Strength 
  • Includes Heavy-Duty MP-15 Gasket 
  • Deep Baffles Help Transfer Heat & Prevent "Sloshing" 


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