13-18 Ram Cummins 6.7 RPI 5" Cold Air Intake System

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This is our 5" Cold Air Intake system for 13-18 Ram Cummins 6.7 this is the biggest system on the market! 

**Cummins Logo on heat sheild is a custom logo, If you do not choose the custom logo option the heat shield logo will be RPI **

***This system should have custom tuning for MAF sensor calibration. Meaning with ez lynk, efi live, or mm3 tuning you will need to have your tuner re-scale the MAF sensor for the 5" tube so that the truck fuels the way it should with the bigger intake.*** If you do not have Custom tuning to be able to re-scale the MAF sensor, than our 4" version will be what you need, in fact the 4" will run better and make more power than the 5" would on a truck without the custom tuning. It is the same MAF tuning as you would use for a 2nd gen S400 Turbo Swap.

This system uses a huge 5 Inch T6 Aluminum intake tube for ultimate air flow!

**Click here to view available powder coating colors.**

You will have faster spool up, lower egt's, Noticeable Horsepower gain, some Mpg gain, and a turbo whistle that will make people look when your going through town!

Has a bolt in heat shield that is very well sealed to keep underhood temps away from the Filter, it provides a fresh cold air supply straight to the filter for lower egt's and better performance. It is normal to see 150-250 deg drop in egt's with this system.

We use only the best filters on all our intake systems

These are Custom built to order, normally takes 14-21 days to ship out.


Cannot ship to California



Ask a Question
  • Any videos of performance or sound on a 6.7 Cummins?

    Hello, it sounds almost the same as the 5.9 
    Heres a youtube video of the 5.9

  • Where can I tune MAF sensor at on a MM3 tuner so I can run the 5 inch air intake ?

    The tuning company needs to write the tune for 5 Inch, its not just a setting you just change on the MM3

  • What color is the BMP Dry Filter?

    It is Red

  • What is a ccv rerouting kit and how do I know if I need one?

    The CCV is only on the 6.7 Cummins, On the 6.7 valve cover it has a hose on the rear left hand side that goes to the air intake tube right by the turbo inlet, the turbo draws in oil vapers from the valve cover. Many guys reroute the CCV so that it does not allow oil vapers into the turbo because those oil vapers can allow for more carbon build up on the intake manifold side, and oil in the intercooler. We sell the CCV reroute kits that come with hardware needed and a little filter to keep dust out of the engine, with the CCV rerouted the oil vapers just are released to the atmosphere.

  • HI, Can I just order the 5 inch Aluminum Tube? Ir is for a 2015 Ram. If so what will be the cost? Or without the air filter. I would like to keep the CCV port.

    Yes we could do that, call Pete at 715-768-0698 Just leave him a message and he will get back to you.

  • The CCV rerouted option, what is that for? I have a factory truck other then the typical delete necessities in order to tune with a programmer. Would I need the reroute or not?

    The ccv is the hose that pulls oil vapor from valve cover into turbo, it gets oil into your intercooler and many guys reroute the ccv oil vapor with the ccv reroute kit we sell on the website. If you are going to be doing the ccv reroute then we leave off the port for ccv on the intake system.

  • When installing how do you get rid of the active air code? Trying to find out in advance before purchasing

    So it seems that on 13-15 trucks you can just unplug active air motor and no codes are thrown, but on 16-18 the truck must be tuned by efi live, mm3, or ez lynk to turn off active air function. But even on some 13-15 trucks you may need to tune to turn off active air function.