What makes PPE Downpipes Better?

What makes PPE Downpipes Better?

Have you ever tried breathing through a straw? Even though there is a huge amount of air on the other side of that little tube, that little straw limits your air flow!

It is similar with an aftermarket free flowing 4" or 5" exhaust system, even though it can flow a huge amount, whats upsteam? The stock downpipe is restricted, thats why PPE has put much effort into making the best downpipe for Duramax owners, a true 3" fully TIG welded 304 stainless downpipe! 

Allowing hot exhaust gases exit the turbo through a round smooth flowing tube allows faster exit and less turbulence, this produces lower egt's, faster spool up, & more horsepower!

They are a perfect fit every time! We have seen several brands of downpipes, and we have been most impressed with these PPE pipes! 

Order yours today, and your truck will thank you!